I BELONG TO YOU by Joshua Hurst

Welcome to the pop world of Joshua Hurst. Recently the musician released his new single ‘i belong to you’ and I cannot stop listening to the song.

Joshua Hurst’s music is aesthetic and not overloaded with instruments. In his music you can find acoustic instruments, percussion but the main instrument is the Hurst’s voice. I like that the piano takes on the role of a pure rhythm instrument and becomes an inseparable pair for the drums and bass. The new single may seem like traditional pop, but it is lightened up by Joshua’s phenomenal performance. Part of Joshua’s appeal is that his lyrics are always a love story and they always strike with emotional truth.

Joshua creates magical and tender music that reaches your fingertips and stimulates your mind. ‘i belong to you’ immediately grabs all of your attention and captivates you until the very last beat. The track is peppered with catchy chorus and rich arrangement, Hurst’s outstanding vocals are even sexier. I recommend listening to ‘i belong to you’ anywhere and with anyone. Decided to have a beach party? Drive slowly through the neon night city? Want to give a gift to a loved one? Joshua Hurst’s music can become your constant companion in every moment of your life.

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