FLAVOURS by Jay Jovian

Jay Jovian has made a breakthrough in the indie music industry with his debut single ‘Flavours.’ A freestyle mixture of pop music with a splash of retro disco vibe.

With an upbeat pop sound, the production of ‘Flavours’ highlights the cathartic feeling of nostalgia that Jovian indulges in. Jay is full of ideas and creativity, and he is absolutely not afraid to experiment. He plays with octaves, tempo, the single ‘Flavours’ changes wave and rhythm several times, while Jovian manages to keep the individuality and unusualness of the track. I am absolutely thrilled!

The song may seem quite funny at first, but once you get into the lyrics of the song, you understand that it has a deep political subtext. ‘Flavours’ was inspired by a personal experience, ‘Black Lives Matter’ and the civil rights movement of the 1960s. The song is an important message that requires attention to ensure that human rights are always protected. Every person on the planet should be confident in their ideas and have every opportunity to implement them. Jay Jovian manages the balancing act between music and anti-racism beautifully, and I hope this is not the last time he’s let loose on his own.

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