ALIVE by The Scarlet Opera

Fusing the grandeur of the theatre with the raw energy of rock and roll, The Scarlet Opera – a five piece band hailing from Los Angeles – offers an escape into the throes of love, lust, glamour, and passion.

Inspired by the Scarlet Lettering of the misunderstood and misrepresented – the music, the shows, the glamour are all devoted to the outcasts – to the sexually liberated – to those who don’t come from wealth – to those who are divine. The Scarlet Opera represents passion, lust, fury and beauty. The band is led by lyricist and frontman Luka Bazulka, whose authentic narrative and vocal prowess are matched only by the musical talents of band members Colin Kenrick [keyboard], Daniel Zuker [bass], Justin Siegal [drums], and Chance Taylor [guitar].

New single ‘Alive’ consists of delicate piano underscores frontman Luka Bazulka’s nuanced delivery. The momentum builds as the track culminates into a chantable chorus, “Life keeps rolling so, keep the party alive.” The band describes the inspiration behind “Alive,” saying “To know such intense heartache and pain, comes the ability to feel an equally visceral amount of joy and love – this is what we have come to understand about life – and we’d like to feel it all before we go.”

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