REHOBOAM by Dear Banshee

Have you ever wanted to experience a sonic shock that will change your attitude towards music forever? Let me tell you about the band Dear Banshee and their new single ‘Rehoboam,’ where hypnotizing harmonies flow in the parts of each instrument.

It is impossible to look at a single by components. ‘Rehoboam’ is exactly the case, when the picture is composed of a symbiosis of all the fantastic sounds, vocals and instruments. The tense atmosphere is supported by synthetic sounds, disturbing violins, rhythmic bass and drums. The music of Dear Banshee is understood intuitively and subconsciously. In the single ‘Rehoboam’ there are no direct answers to questions, this is an art that must be felt with the smallest and most disturbing strings of the soul.

I am an absolute fan of the complex vocal harmonies that run through most of the song. ‘Rehoboam’ turned out to be complexly whimsical and minimalist at the same time. Dear Banshee recorded not just a great song, but a unique and bewitching one – only masters of their craft could have such a thing. I think that ‘Rehoboam’ is a hymn to humanity with its duality and struggle against the system. Their music has every chance of remaining in the playlists of music lovers for a long time – it is painfully rare that such high-quality works appear.

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