WADING by Meg Blumberg

Meg’s piano compositions are truly a blend of old and new. Her style is deliberate and visceral, weaving rich narratives through measured shifts in movement and dynamics.

She oftentimes implements a melody-driven discipline in composition, whereby the central theme of a piece takes an unrivaled lead and establishes the character or mood with which to build around. This is not to say that Meg’s work is minimalist; she isn’t afraid to take a piece somewhere unexpected or furnish it with complementary layers. Rather, she doesn’t let harmony or instrumentation overshadow the main communication of her work, which is to be found in the melody.

Meg translates this to some absolutely beautiful work. ‘Wading’ is a constant cascade of piano and violins textures that twist from feeling human to spiritual. Her music unveils authentic neo/modern classical sonorities and delicious performances that bring her song to the level of masterpiace. Meg’s sincere interpretations, she brings the piano acoustic music to another level of quality. “Wading” by Meg Blumberg is one of my favorite contemporary classics with romantic sounds and impressive piano tone.

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