MAGAZINE by Sara Devoe

The new single ‘Magazine’ by Sara Devoe is dark grunge that breathes the atmosphere of dark dreams, horror and mystery.

I’ll not tire of repeating that against the background of the same kind of commercial groups of artists, only the indie direction never ceases to please with original content. Sara Devoe expresses her disturbing emotions through music in a brilliant way, and this can be clearly heard in the single ‘Magazine.’ Her music is like a reflection of her own inner world, and the new track is no exception. The new single sounds deliberately dirty, but exactly this way of making music allows to combine the grunge direction and the dreamy atmosphere.

‘Magazine’ sounds like it comes from the late sixties and early seventies, when psychedelic bands were all the rage. Her performance combines a powerful and melodic sound, as well as Sara’s otherworldly and mystical timbre, which involuntarily sends veritable legions of goosebumps down your spine. At the same time, Sara can also sound quite gentle and even romantic if need be, proving her versatility as an artist. She’s brimming with confidence in her craft and it shows in every song. I feel like I’ve been transported back in time while enjoying a new sound, and it is not an easy achievement. Unusual and promising. Recommended.

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