‘Addicted to Misery,’ the confessional indie rock meets folk-dipped pop single chronicles “a portrait of a time of feeling low, explored through a conversational journey.

Melbourne artist, Nat Vazer, is known for her heart-stopping lyrics that weave between confessional indie-rock, dream-pop and the folk tradition of storytelling and ‘building worlds’ through song. From the age of five, Vazer began learning classical piano but became fascinated with the world of bands and songwriters, having grown up in a household with her family’s 60s and 80s record collection. A self-taught guitarist, she stole her father’s guitar during highschool and started to learn Nirvana based on internet guitar tabs. She soon began writing songs in punk highschool bands, capturing early sounds on old PCs with built-in microphones and free software.

“Addicted to Misery” is the first single off of her highly anticipated second full-length album set for release later this year. It unveils a recipe that honors the best decades of indie music with intense productions and dreamy vibe. Vazer serves real music with quality and creativity. ‘Addicted to Misery’ is absolutely appealing and definitely stands out from the crowd. You get addicted once you listen from the first second. Believe me and check out this amazing track.

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