STAINED GLASS ROSE by Animal Aftelife

New York-based band Animal Afterlife pleased to offer a clean, retro sound that adheres to the highest standards of the genre.

Their new single ‘Stained Glass Rose’ is a unique blend of nostalgic 60s vibes and modern sounds, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere perfect for those days when you just want to have fun. From the very first second, ‘Stained Glass Rose’ will draw you into its captivating vortex of sound. Through the music you are filled with the heat of the summer days, which makes a lethargy sink into your muscles. It’s as if all the good things about sunny days have been squeezed into the melody, pumped into the veins and allowed to spread throughout the body.

I love the synthetic space interludes that Animal Afterlife uses. The band does not overuse synth sounds, rather these seething elements intrude on the rhythm, interrupting it for a few seconds and giving the song personality. It is a song crammed with feelings and movements that guide you towards an emotion. It also perfectly combine the “old” and “new” styles, creating a truly exceptional and harmonious melody. Animal Afterlife’s distinctive style is particularly evident in this soothing piece. The way they cleverly mix ideas shows a real fusion of creative thinking, and this song evokes all sorts of emotions. Superb.

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