‘Stitch Me Back Up,’ is a sonic honey, where the production and vocal performance, is a true experience.

Virens formed effortlessly, inspiration drawn from french cinema, yellowing books and bathing in the devastating sounds of Karen Dalton, Echo and The Bunnymen and Sufjan Stevens…all of whom you can hear sonically sprinkled over the Virens universe. Virens made a strong impression with their brand new single ‘Stitch Me Back Up,’ a musical blessing. ‘Stitch Me Back Up’ is the second single to come from Virens’ upcoming EP ‘Couples Therapy’. The track is an audibly soothing but lyrically dark two and half minute wonder with a cinematic, tormented middle eight that convulses through the listener.

Breathtaking and alluring singing perfectly matches the intriguing and professional production. Being able to relate with the listeners is very essential for an artist. Their music is pleasing to the ear. ‘Stitch Me Back Up’ brings fresh air to the musical landscape and proves that creative artists still exist. Virens’ limitless inspiration will bring them to the highest level. Co-produced with Fyfe at Park Studios, the track explores pain, dependency and remorse within a relationship. Perfect for fans of Boy Genius, Phoebe Bridgers, BigThief & Laura Marling.

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