PAL by Murphy Smith

Murphy Smith is back with a new track called ‘Pal’. A fantastic mash-up of 80’s synth pop and a bit of jazz funk thrown in for good measure.

Working with the synth genre is technically difficult, but Murphy Smith has created an exceptional track. Guitar riffs, jazzy synth solos, sensual rhythms of drums and percussion sound fantastic and set the mood for a positive wave. I love the stylization of the track, and you can feel that Smith has a fondness for the music of the 1960s. The new single pleasantly surprised me, as I was expecting a song in the spirit of the debut single ‘We’ll Have A Good Time,’ and ‘Pal‘ is the exact opposite, although Murphy’s signature style still shines through.

I always feel an inexplicable nastolgy in Murphy’s songs. I also hear how he cares deeply about the subtleties of production. Murphy does not allow a single note to destroy his breezy, sweet musical bubble. The mixing and mastering of the track are top notch, and that is combined with a well developed composition of the track and the purity of the sound. This is outstanding! Murphy Smith has one important quality – endless enthusiasm. He definitely knows how to write real hits and takes inspiration from different genres of music. And it’s good that he shows his best side again, because ‘Pal’ is insanely stylish, incredibly melodic retro pop song.

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