SHOEGAZE MAN by Ghostbear

The new single ‘Shoegaze Man’ by the band Ghostbear is the true art of dark rock music.

Stretchy, dense, rock sound penetrates to the bones from the first seconds of the track. Confusion runs through the veins and absolute admiration for Ghostbear’s music. Intrigued? Ghostbear boldly breaks rhythm, grabs you in the grip of rock guitars and transitions into ambient. Listening to the new single, I felt like I was on a ship during a storm on the Ocean. The band has found a way out of that one style trap. Ghostbear does not cling desperately to direction, in 6 minutes ‘Shoegaze Man’ changes musical colors like a chameleon.

The song starts with a bright and unstoppable rock rhythm of drums, almost imperceptible echoes and guitars. At the vocal line, however, they are replaced by a bass guitar and to soothe the listener with a rhythm change. After a peaceful fading out of the instruments, rock solos pounce on the ears to smash them. ‘Shoegaze Man’ is a reference piece for anyone who loves the indie genre. I recommend everyone, without exception, to listen to this track. Ghostbear opens up a whole new world of sound that will change your musical outlook forever. Pure art!

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