HOME TO YOU by Graham and The Band Upstairs

Graham and The Band Upstairs have released their debut single ‘Home To You.’ Absolute love and tenderness shines in every note of this acoustic folk song.

The band have come together to bring light and happiness to the world. ‘Home To You’ sounds light and gentle due to the absence of many instruments. The drums keep the comfortable rhythm, and the guitars shimmer in a nice folk mood. At some points the main guitar sounded like Mediterranean sounds to me, and I really liked that! ‘Home To You’ is completely different from all other music of this genre – and it is precisely such kind and warm songs that are lacking now.

The magic of acoustic tranquilly is possessed by Veronica’s backing vocals, which come in at the most sensual moments of the track and form an incredible harmony with the languorous and deep voice of Graham. The debut track stands out for its dissimilarity to “classic folk songs” and also impresses with its organics – the band is clearly comfortable in this sound. Turn this track on while walking on the beach or in the park, and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. If you’re into slow, dreamy acoustic music that grabs you to your fingertips, then ‘Home To You’ is the song for you.

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