Singer-songwriter Pranatricks has released a new single ‘Shades of Your Light’ from the upcoming debut album ‘Cherished’. A magical, mysterious single full of echoes of vocal harmonies and experimentation.

The single ‘Shades of Your Light’ consists solely of an acoustic guitar melody, percussion and layered vocals. The backing vocals are on the same level as the main vocal line. This adds charm to the song and gives a sense of the versatility of the Pranatricks’ voice. With each new single he manages to find the balance and most importantly his own musical sound. That’s why the voices slide so easily under the unhurried rhythm and dive into a light trance.

Yes, “Shades of Your Light” a unique entry and inkeeping with everything that has come before. The single warms the space around you, leaving no one alone. All the songs of Pranatricks come together to form a seductive, misty canvas in which everyone will arrive alone with their consciousness. A wonderful track that leaves a pleasant feeling in the soul.

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