HEATWAVE by Kaibald

Estonian band Kaibald presented their new single ‘Heatwave.’ In the song, the band focuses on the sound of a classic western with elements of blues, rock and dark country.

Kaibald take you to a local wild west tavern. The single “Heatwave” sounds like the soundtrack to the epic western ‘Clash of dry sand and hot wind.’ Kaibald make quality music. Clean guitar lines take the main place in the track alongside Liisi’s lush vocal timbre. A rich bass guitar and a leisurely drum rhythm help maintain the country vibe.

In ‘Heatwave’, the surrounding space is given a special place. The sound of a falling lid, rattles that look like a crawling snake, light percussion, rhythm changes and charming backing vocals make you feel the atmosphere of the western.’Heatwave’ is another stunning single from Kaibald. It expands their sound palette whilst, and yet another reminder of how great Kaibald are in different genres. If you love dark western country with female vocals – you need to listen this.

Want to know more about Kaibald and their new single? Сheck out our exclusive interview.

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