HOPE YOU MISS ME by Northern Sand

Northern Sand (musical pseudonym of Conor Reid) set out to do something disturbing and tell a story, and he’s done both perfectly. The new single ‘Hope You Miss Me’ is a dynamic pop-punk song that has its own place in the Northern Sand story.

I always feel comfortable with indie artists when they do everything themselves, going further without the help of cool producers and a bunch of other people who pretend to know what they are talking about. The new song from Northern Sand – the intricate lines of dual vocal chorus, the driving drums and thumping bass are the essence of this track. ‘Hope You Miss Me’ is full of drive and ambition and pushes indie music forward

The song starts with picking electric guitar, and right away, the carefree mood is established and mixed with some college vibes, sounding like best friends gathering in a rock party. ‘Hope You Miss Me,’ is as personal as it is big, and yet it all comes together to give you the picture of a very sad story.

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