SOMEONE LIKE YOU by Adrienne Leska

‘Someone Like You’ is a great example of an indie pop song. The new single combines a pop atmosphere with a stunning arrangement and elements of light indie rock.

It may sound strange, but the key to understanding why Adrienne Leska is a bit out of the traditional pop box is her own worldview. After the first single ‘Mirrors’, which was filled with personal lyrics, the second release ‘Someone Like You’ continued the stylistic direction. The voice of Adrienne Leska is in the foreground, paired with a uptempo rhythm, light electropop elements and striking electric guitar parts.

‘Someone Like You‘ is dominated by bright guitar lines and soft drumming that replaces the pulse of the song. Quality produced work will not leave anyone indifferent. The single is full of backing vocals that give the feeling of the presence of several singers at the same time. And to be honest, I absolutely fell in love with the flow of Adrienne’s unique voice. It’s simple, clean and extremely effective in evoking emotion.

Want to know more about Adrienne and her new single? Сheck out our exclusive interview.

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