GYPSIES by Shirin

Shirin’s debut single ‘Gypsies’ blending the cinematic with the intimate. San Diego singer-songwriter Shirin uses the sweet and soft melody to navigate the limbo between drama and false hope.

‘Gypsies’ is backed by by аcoustic-pop flоurishes, and cоntinuing with the wide ambient sound effect. From the first notes I felt the dedication and love Shirin has for her music is clear. I was struck with an overall sense of ехcitement from this song, an еxcitement for the Shirin’s voice. With acoustic guitar and a voice that would fit perfectly with most folk songs, Shirin’s music is both soothing and unforgettable.

The song is only 2 minutes long, but it’s enough to mesmerize you. ‘Gypsies’ is a kind of bittersweet ballad with wide acoustic guitars. Shirin’s voice is absolutely divine too as she effortlessly calms your soul, heart and mind. Overall, ‘Gypsies’ offers a delightful melody, an adult story where Shirin’s voice and style will captivate you. It is a strong debut. Passion, sense and soul – there is so much here to admire.

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