NEVER SAID by Everything But The Everything & Sophia Prise

Oakland, CA band Everything But The Everything has just released their new dark alternative post punk single ‘Never Said’. A serious, ambitious and impressive rock song that harkens back to the music of the 80’s.

I can describe Everything But The Everything’s music as retro hard rock, and for good reason. The main guitar riff a delicious melodic rock solo, the synths are rampant and Sophia Prise takes the listener to another dimension. ‘Never Said’ literally breathes the mood of the alternative rock music of the 80s. This decision allowed them to reproduce the retro sound in a special way.

You will be bobbing along to the beat every second of ‘Never Said’. Sophia Prise and her vocals are the sweetest cherry on ‘Never Said’. The chorus hooks in with the main riff and lets Sophia’s voice seep through. Her strong and soft vocal sinks into your consciousness to stay there forever. The single takes off from depths of the past, and I really enjoyed it. This is a great song and I can say with certainty that I will be eagerly awaiting their next release.

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