DEAD by Dave&thetrashband

‘Dead’ by Dave&thetrashband is a sarcastic, witty song that has a very old folk country feel. To the accompaniment of the banjo, the song offers plenty of room for Dave’s vocals and sense of humor.

‘Dead’, is a minimalistic and powerful piece that consists of only banjo and vocals. Dave’s music is a wonderful cross section of everything I personally love about country folk genre. ‘Dead’ works brilliantly on several levels. On the simplest and the entertaining. It’s a fun song with an ideal psychophysical match between Dave, Banjo and the lyrics.

The song is about a man who stubbornly refuses to believe that there is anything other than death, and suspense is whether he will live on in this form for long before he inevitably dies. Also, “Dead” is a song that shows an artist who understands how emotionally important a single instrument can be. For anyone that loves minimalist folk songs, Dave&thetrashband have created a funny, sad and beautiful story. After listening it becomes easier… like after death.

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