ANNE-MARIE by Unstuck

The expendables ‘Unstuck’ is back with a new batch of dirty punk rock called ‘Anne-Marie’.

The chorus of the first single ‘OCCUPIED’ got stuck in my head for a week. But that was just the preparation, the revolution came with the single ‘Anne-Marie’. The band sticks to the direction of the dirty and revealing sound, which can already be called their trademark. Clear vocals with lush backing parts and an interesting structure of the song give the track depth and non-linearity. Unlike the first release, ‘Anne-Marie’ sounds freer, and the instrumental parts have become much more voluminous.

But what really excited me was the bass guitar. The wild and unstoppable bass sound is brought into the same sonic space with guitars and vocals. This made the bass line audible at all frequencies and made the track heavier. The new single ‘Anne-Marie’ will take you to a crazy and passionate place where you can enjoy the atmosphere of grunge and punk. Check out, You’re really gonna dig it.

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