RICOCHET by New Friends

Ontario indie pop band New Friends knows how to make a song with an unstoppable force inside. They are back with the brand new single ‘Ricochet’

‘Ricochet’ is an absolute triumph. Few rock bands manage to follow the commercial format so steadfastly, seemingly fulfilling all the requirements while completely subordinating the music to their own logic. New Friends able to build a track with unstoppable power inside. The heavy sound of the guitars and the rhythmic, voluminous drums are absolutely flawless. The single ‘Ricochet’ sounds like an perfect hit.

Every beat of the track unleashes an incredible energy, and the vocals enhance the flow of pure excitement. When you hear the juicy songs of New Friends for the first time, you will never be able to forget them. The new single sounds playful, experimental and crushingly emotional, but the chorus allows us to pause and sing along with New Friends. Overall, ‘Ricochet’ by New Friends is a flawless song that soars triumphantly and confidently achieves (especially in the chorus) epic heights.

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