WASH OVER ME by Sam Marks

Gadigal/ Sydney-based artist, Sam Marks, returned just the other week with his hazy indie-rock in the form of ‘Wash Over Me’.

The fifth release from the artist sees Marks burst with his raw sincerity, layered with fuzzed-out guitars with a bluesy pace and a goosebump-inspiring chorus. Fittingly tied into the overall despondent mood of the instrumentals, Marks explores his own feeling of being disconnected and detached from reality.

As the track doesn’t follow one clear linear story, as Sam Marks notes, “it is a song that explores my relationship with reality and how I can often feel disconnected from it,” Ben Marks’ intent was to, “explore a number of visual metaphors with an edge of strangeness and other-worldliness. ‘Wash Over Me’ is indeed a stunning ballad that showcases Sam’s flawless vocal performance and vocal tone. The song deserves to continue being heard widely, check it out.

Connect with Sam Marks via Instagam, Facebook

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