ISSAQUAH by Pranatricks

Singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Pranatricks has released a new single ‘Issaquah’ from his upcoming debut album ‘Cherished’.

‘Issaquah’ tells a rather strange and even creepy story based on a mountain of real events. The sensual, minimalistic arrangement and the polyphony of voices leave a slight feeling of hypnotic loneliness in the mind. Pranatricks plays with form, turning his music into a unique creation in the indie acoustic genre. In the single ‘Issaquah’, Pranatricks continues the theme of previous releases, creating a mood of calm and rethinking.

Unlike the previous single ‘Shades Of Your Light’, the track ‘Issaquah’ sounds more reflective, lonely and sad. All Pranatricks’ songs are based on acoustic guitars, classical piano, muted drums and multi-layered vocals. He fills each chord with something magical and unique, using simple and understandable solutions in music production. If you like to think while listening to music, Pranatricks’ songs will stay in your playlist for a long time.

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