IT’S OKAY by Karen Harding

In the brand new double single ‘It’s Okay’, singer-songwriter Karen Harding unleashes her soul to get you moving to the beat of her vocal harmonies.

Karen Harding’s vocals are covered in echoes. This trick makes the vocals as airy as a cloud. ‘It’s Okay’ is a massive song featuring a live orchestra, yet it sounds minimal and gentle. The combination of acoustic instruments, light drums, unhurried rhythm and gentle piano keys – this is what brings peace to the soul. Karen has teamed up with the Cologne Chamber Orchestra for a truly tremendous project.

A lover of this genre will love the melody and melancholy in Karen. Aspects without which acoustic songs are impossible. However, Karen Harding has expanded the horizons of the genre with the help of strings and even a flute. In just over 3 minutes, the song offers a wonderful journey into the tradition of folk music and it sounds like a real live performance on stage. Undoubtedly, the song should be on your soft playlist for reflection or relaxation.

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