FREE by Daniel Arena

Daniel Arena is a talented folk-country musician, in whose veins flows the true spirit of country music. To sing country music the way Daniel does, you have to be born with the feel and rhythm of the genre.

His new single ‘Free’ from EP ‘Io’ is a standard work of light country music with folk elements. Quality in every note and sound. What I like most about Daniel and his new song is how the quiet, traditional country melody takes a philosophical stance. Right at the beginning we are greeted by a harmonica and its ever recognizable, magical sound. Daniel plays with the motif and swings it.

The song moves from classic country music to wild west melodies, cowboy hats and deserts and then takes on an absolutely folky sound. Daniel’s voice is full of emotion and melody. The vocal line plays the role of a full-fledged musical instrument. A perfect blend between elegant folk and acoustic country. They balance each other out to provide a golden mean that should appeal to many people looking for the songs with meaning and the upbeat side of the country genre.

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