love that u lost it by Devon Alexis

The new single ‘love that u lost it’ by Devon Alexis is a soundtrack of perfect neon lights. Her voice perfectly intertwines with the bass lines, creating something amazing in the pop genre that will give any listener endless aesthetic pleasure.

The acquaintance with Devon Alexis’ music leaves a bright and unforgettable impression and a very pleasant aftertaste. Her music is like a space of non-linear narratives and contrasts. Crazy low drums sound so deep and spacious that you feel like drowning in a sea of bass. Devon Alexis mixes a cocktail of mind-blowing drums, ringing percussion and bright pop vocals.

Towards the end, the song breaks the built-in rhythm, takes off the mask and shows its true face. Groove samples change to soft classical piano, and the vocals take on a folky, acoustic sound. Devon Alexis has created incredible and unique peace by mixing genres and developing her own sound. In ‘love that u lost it’ the rhythmic patterns crawl over each other creating a melody from the future. If you love original pop music, this song is worth your attention.

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