Debut single ‘Mistakes’ from canadian singer-songwriter Reins finds the perfect line between acoustic and pop, but with a far brighter vocal delivery.

I love that Reins sticks to the basics of acoustic and pop music and blends the two genres together. A modern approach to music production and a desire to create a new sound make Reins an innovator. Thanks to the courage we hear an honest and quality song. The single will give you confidence and joy. Every chord and note breathes freedom. The chorus is incredibly simple and captivates you right away. Yes, that’s right, it’s exactly what we like to call a “catchy chorus.” Reins’ gentle and unique voice gives the track the sensual touch to create the perfect day for you.

It seems to be all standard components, but Reins didn’t create a frozen mixture from them, but a song colored with bright colors of sensations and warmed by the soul. ‘Mistakes’ can save you from apathy and depression and turn them into positive emotions. Reins’ vocals are light, like a gentle sunny day, and the enticing melody creates dissonance. However, this is what makes the single ‘Mistakes’ so unique and outstanding.

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