WHO’S WHO by Adrienne Leska

The new single ‘Who’s Who‘ has the best of what we love about Adrienne’s music. In ‘Who’s Who’ she raises quite important and personal topics for reflection and gives the listener new thoughts.

Adrienne shows herself not only as a pop singer, but also as a musician who is willing to experiment with different genres. In the new release, Adrienne uses a synthesizer to make the track sound carefree against the background of ringing guitar riffs. As if by magic, her melodies create a unique atmosphere of kindness and light.

One curious thing that struck me is how outspoken and concise Adrienne is with her music. Adrienne’s songs are always soulful and personal. By expanding the horizons of consciousness, Adrienne heals the soul and allows you to get through difficult transitions and let go of grievances. Every note sounds pure in the single, and the vocals are sonorous and bright, lingering long in the memory. Whilst I’d absolutely recommend starting with ‘Mirrors’ and ‘Someone Like You’ if you are new to Leska, and only then move on to a beautiful new chapter called ‘Who’s Who’.

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