COMING ON by Midnight Miles

The lively rhythm and unbridled drive of Midnight Miles’ debut single ‘Coming On’ will open up a new space in rock & roll music for you.

To come out with such a bright and powerful debut single is an amazing event for the music industry. Midnight Miles breathe, live and drown in rhythmic blues. You have to be born to feel the rhythm like this, and the guys from Midnight Miles are outstanding. ‘Coming On’ is an amazing combination of bright blues and rock vocals with elements of jazz. A tart cocktail of genres prepares us for an unforgettable journey into the music of Midnight Miles. Moreover, you have surely never heard such a powerful and captivating electric bluesy guitar solo.

The single ‘Coming On’ from the first second sounds in the best tradition of good blues and rock. Dirty noise that tickles the veins and lazy-sweet vocals create the atmosphere of a smoky jazz club where there is no place for calmness. I don’t think I have ever heard anything quite like Midnight Miles. They seem to move not only through genres, but also through time periods. I call it movie-blues. If you want to treat your ears with something really worthwhile, Midnight Miles is just for you.

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