DON’T STOP by Julie-Anne Grace

Julie-Anne Grace with her song ‘Don’t Stop’ brings effortlessly artistic singer-songwriter vibes that you often hear in their jazz pop scene.

The bright and breezy track ‘Don’t Stop’ will fill your room with joy. The backing vocals of a jazz choir mix all sensations and easily transport you to a cozy cafe. The track deserves high praise and the listener’s attention. I like how Julie feels the rhythm and conveys a playful and moving mood. She feels music and loves it, which is why her track ‘Don’t Stop’ is surrounded by a cozy aura.

Her music is filled with great rhythms and magical mood. Julie-Anne Grace’s voice permeates the rhythmic pattern of ‘Don’t Stop’ with ease. The classical piano part captures the main emotions. All in all, this is a great song. Julie-Anne Grace is one to listen to over and over again, enjoying a simple and beautiful melody that praises the idea of the “old jazz era.” The result is an energetic, fun and cheerful track. It literally charges you up with its energy. A ‘must have’ for any music lover.

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