THIS IS CHICAGO by Tim Camrose

‘This is Chicago’ by Londoner Tim Camrose makes me feel a touch of nostalgia and melancholy. From the first chords Tim Camrose declares himself as a romantic and unique musician who wants to give a piece of his soul to every listener.

An important point, Tim’s music is not suitable for everyone, but only for connoisseurs and people who are not in a hurry. It is a pleasure to listen to him. Tim’s thin and sensual voice is like a delicacy. That’s why I give him a solid 10 points and recommend listening to anyone who wants to improve their cultural code. ‘This is Chicago’ is the recipe for the perfect song about a city. Ringing drums, piano and guitar line sound like in the best classic songs of 90s.

The saxophone solo is full of beauty and elegance, with a hint of sacred secret, giving the song a unique atmosphere. This is a high quality track with each instrument carefully edited and highlighted. If you need to hear the instruments and how they breathe, then the single ‘This is Chicago’ will give you an aesthetic pleasure. An ode to the city that should be of interest not only to fans of their work and the people of Chicago, but also to anyone who loves and appreciates indie music.

Connect with Tim Camrose via his website