We love unconventional music at Indie Boulevard. The new track ‘Glitch’ by NJaM took us out of our comfort zone and let’s dive into our own sound space.

To be honest, we were discouraged when we first heard NJaM. It’s like free fall without a parachute, but don’t worry, NJaM will tell you that you have a parachute on your back before you hit the ground. It’s just a joke. The track ‘Glitch’ is unlike anything you’ve heard before. Scattered sound, superfluous noise like on the set, “demo” style vocals – this is NJaM’s idea. As NJaM said, “It was important to me that the song’s production felt off, or a little glitch-like, to further serve the artistic representation of the song“. I hear in this decision the courage and creativity of the musician’s impulse. The track ‘Glitch’ reveals the dark side of indie music.

On this side, the artist can be free and create pure art. Slow vocals lazily make their way through the chaos of sounds, creating a minimalist space. A rich bass guitar will see us into a dark forest, making us tremble to the beat of fast percussions and drums. I recommend listening to the single ‘Glitch’ to reorder your life. By getting involved with a non-standard sound, you can tune into a new wave. It takes big balls to put out a release like this, and NJaM has them.

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