TO CLOSE FOR COMFORT by Better Weather

Better Weather’s debut single ‘Too Close for Comfort’ is a stunning start to a musical career. The band shows everything that makes up indie music, and is not afraid to mix unusual things and give themselves completely to a feeling and style.

I dig absolutely everything about ‘Too Close for Comfort.’ French horn and playful keyboards have a special place in my heart. They are so gentle that you want to disappear into them. The vocals are light and not strained and It seems a bit lazy. The debut single more than shows a band that is comfortable playing laid back music that everyone can get excited about. They make the instruments sound easy, which is also no small achievement.

‘Too Close for Comfort’ has amazing backing vocals that pop up at the lyrically important parts and enhance the impression. French horn arrangements and percussion keep the track sentimental, breathing bright life into the track. It seems that Better Weather has always known how their music should sound. ‘Too Close for Comfort’ is a romantic, friendly, a little sad and very melodic song that I urge everyone to listen to.

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