OUT OF MY LIFE by Luke Rhodes

New single ‘OUT of my life‘ by Italian composer Luke Rhodes will disperse you and bring you a dose of Nostolgia Rock.

I really liked ‘OUT of my life’ because it brought me back to my golden memories. Emo, vampires, informal friends who got on their parents’ nerves, high school, parties at friends’ houses, CDs, My Chemical Romance… Oh my! Luke Rhodes has an unusual ability. He knows how to convey aesthetic pleasure and emotion from the genre he has chosen. This artist is capable of so much. Luke does not limit himself to a specific genre, but the track ‘OUT of my life’ seems to be from the MTV charts in 2006. That’s right, that year emo pop music was at the peak of its popularity.

The track starts with a high and raspy sound that doesn’t immediately take you back decades. Everyone is immediately put in their place when the drums kick in. They intertwine with samples and vocals to create a pop rock atmosphere. The sonic pleasure is supported by Luke’s powerful voice, many backing vocal tracks that even include scream vocals. In my opinion, this is one of those solutions that fully embodies the artist’s idea. Either way, ‘OUT of my life’ by Luke Rhodes is the soundtrack to your rainy days and it is glorious.

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