STRANGER BEING by Joshua Hurst

Joshua Hurst dives into the indie pop scene with the new single ‘Stranger Being’ and offers his most sentimental and intimate song to date.

This song is a great representation of the idea that the best love songs are the ones that could be applied to a variety of situations. Loving someone despite the fact that they make no sense to anyone else. This song is about being with someone who confuses everyone else but makes sense to the Hurst. It could be applied to any relationship like a marriage, a long-term friendship, or even a short-term fling.

Ambient strings, soothing vocals and a rather laid back affair. The hazy, mellow blend with the pianos and violins to create a stylish night lounge atmosphere. Hurst’s vocals really shine thanks to a minimalist arrangement. ‘Stranger Being’ is a great example of how a love song can be about more than just being in love, but also about the confusion that comes with being in love as well. ‘Stranger Being’ is a perfect example of how lyrics and music fit together just right. This is the top tier of indie pop music. A must-listen.

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