EAT YOUR PEAS by Vince Chinaski

Alternative at its core, cinematic on the fringe, folk in between. Vince Chinaski is a home where the stories unfold at their own pace. The lyrics are inspired by existential themes, filtered through personal experience and an inherent tragicomic vision of the world

Stomping on a dense arrangement that blends indie and art-rock, ‘Eat Your Peas!‘ is a tragicomic rush through the pulsating states of mind of a father. Beyond the maddening contradictions and the contrasting feelings there’s love. A lot of it. Between the lines a wider universal spin develops. On the track Vince says… “It’s for your own good!” just doesn’t cut it. Neither does “Because I say so!”.

Raising kids is full of paradoxes and that’s possibly the beauty of it, even if it’s exasperating. You want to protect them while they’re growing up but no matter what you say the children eventually go their own way. They’ll make mistakes and you’ll have to pick up the pieces. I really love Chinaski’s musical unique style. He brings a great variety and tastes to his music that will not only demand your attention but keep you coming back for more.

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