OUT OF LOVE by Chealen

The new single ‘Out Of Love’ is an acoustic piano aria for your melancholy. A lonely, chamber and infinitely sensual song by Chealen.

In every note of the piano sounds the soul of the Сhealen, who gently takes care of your feelings. Her voice appeared in your space as if she wanted to save you. She uses only two musical instruments to create her sad ballad: the piano and the voice. The piano is to maintain the tenderness and melancholy of the atmosphere, and Chealen’s singing takes all the emotions and feelings.

Her lips tremble in anticipation of the next note, as if she were playing the piano for a loved one. When you listen to ‘Out Of Love’, you can disconnect from the outside world and focus only on yourself. Chealen’s sensual voice and the soft piano chords will gently shield you from your worries and give you a sense of comfort. All the while, you get the feeling that the music is built on an open and otherworldly love. It’s a familiar feeling that draws the listener in. I was definitely swept away by it. Once you hear it, you will love this song as much as we do. Magical and incomprehensible.

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