ARRIVED by Nicolette

Nicolette enchanted us with her new single ‘Arrived.’ Her sensual voice is like a light at the end of a tunnel. A voice that gives hope.

The track sounds melancholic and pensive, but it does not evoke feelings of sadness. It seems to me that Nicolette is one of those singers who can feel music differently and create the atmosphere of her own world. Despite the slowness of the single, there is a development and a story in it. The harmony in the track becomes noticeable towards the end of, when all the attention is taken by Nicolette’s backing vocals, the drums beat faster and the strings increase the climax.

‘Arrived’ is the path to personal happiness through drama. Slow and deep drums cut through the soft sound, enhancing the hypnotic feeling of total immersion. It’s a long drive on the highway through the darkness. Nicolette has kept her signature style, but has taken the risk of showing her true self by dropping all masks. Yes, her music is not characterised by energy – but there is a certain drama, a special sadness in it, which can already be called Nicolette’s calling card. ‘Arrived’ is not just a song, but a powerful creative statement with great vocals and impressive sound.

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