The second single ‘Letter To Nowhere‘ by Filip Karol from the forthcoming album will take you to the depths of melancholy and sadness.

Filip hardly talks about his personal life and rarely gives interviews – in the current Internet realities, few indie artists can afford this without fear of oblivion. Music always speaks for him. You will experience real musical enjoyment from the single ‘Letter To Nowhere’ if you like acoustic emotional songs. The unusual duality of the melody adds charm and an ocean of melancholia to it. The song sounds more like poetry with elements of music.

‘Letter To Nowhere’ is an acoustic ballad about the most disturbing and deepest emotions that lurk in each of us. Over the years, his music seems to have become only darker and deeper, although it has never been particularly optimistic. Filip Karol will carefully take you into the world of sadness, but only to surround you with an aura of peace. His creativity is free art and poetry in the form of music. I feel some kind of inner understanding from his vocals and definitely recommend the single ‘Letter To Nowhere’ for listening.

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