WELCOME TO THE HELL by nasmore, Neil Taylor, La Strange

The mystical and mysterious single ‘Welcome to the Hell’ by the mastodons nasmore, Neil Taylor and La Strande brought my darkest thoughts to life. Listening to nasmore’s music for the first time, you can feel the mood change towards light-hearted dark rock.

‘Welcome to the Hell’ is 4 minutes of pure bliss in the style of ritual chants. The whispers discharge into incredible drum beats that will mesmerize the mass listener. The single ‘Welcome to the Hell’ has an oriental motif that emphasizes the individuality of the track and fills it with mystery. Heavy and juicy guitars keep the listener in suspense until the last secon. The track ends with a “meow” (I think it was a “meow” of a black cat), an unexpected and mystical sound that is a real gem of the track.

In general, the whole concept of the song is very reminiscent of a rock musical, as if it were part of something bigger. Satan, devilish beautiful dancers, acrobats necromancers, all these images pop up in your head while listening to the track. As if the only reality is the devil’s ball in hell, to which the listener is invited. ‘Welcome to the Hell’ is a loud and powerful song that you will surely enjoy. These riffs and choruses are something many modern rockers can only dream of. Recommended.

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