YOU’RE MY FAVORITE by Alice Offley

The bubbly, juicy and danceable pop single ‘You’re My Favorite’ by Alice Offley will sweeten your Valentine’s Day. The new single is a flawless pop hit inspired by the atmosphere of the 2010s.

‘You’re My Favorite’ perfectly captures all the emotions you can experience on a day of love and care, and this song will be a great gift for your partner. The single ‘You’re My Favorite’ is an example of how a real pop hit should sound like. My heart and fingers were pounding to the rhythm of the groovy motif. Her pop voice is light and exciting, while Alice’s backing vocals and whispers spice up the sound. There’s something of Madonna and Kylie Minogue about it. Alice has the ability to romanticize literally everything she sings about.

It seems like she’s confessing her love to the whole world, and it makes me feel comfortable. But even without that, ‘You’re My Favorite’ is the perfect Valentine’s Day song: it’s soulful and well-crafted. The track can be the icing on the cake and make the party unforgettable. Undoubtedly, ‘You’re My Favorite’ is a golden material for clubs and lovers of quality pop music, and it has all chances to become a real hit. And yes, the song is definitely one of my favorites now.

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