COUNTING STARS by Snows of Yesteryear

The new single ‘Counting Stars’ by Snows of Yesteryear dispels the pensive and melancholic haze like a ray of sunshine.

Like any talented band, Glasgow indie-folk Snows of Yesteryear knows that creativity is all about conveying thoughts and feelings, and ideally creating a world of its own atmosphere. Snows of Yesteryear fully lives up to its ‘cold’ name and ‘Counting Stars’ is its highest degree: it is not only ‘northern’ restraint, but also comfort, light melancholy. Kathryn Orr’s high and gentle voice sounds tragic, like a cry to the beautiful orchestration created by David Mitchell (acoustic guitar) and Yuuka Yamada-Garner (violin).

Together they control the melody as an element. The climax of the track is particularly impressive, when the rhythm of the drums becomes demanding and rhythmic, and a violin turns into a string orchestra. All these circumstances arouse interest in Snows of Yesteryear. It’s been a long time since I have heard a band like this whose music has such a distinct “northern” vibe. I recommend the track ‘Counting Stars’ to all fans of indie folk and acoustic music. Snows of Yesteryear is an aesthetic band that brings light and warmth and deserves to be heard by many.

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