Pop singer Robin T has just released his debut track ‘Hold Me Tight’ and has burst into the big music world like a comet.

‘Hold Me Tight’ mezmerizes the listener with summer rhythms and gurgling baselines. It’s modern and catchy. Robin T provides plenty of space for his voice. His vocals are sincere, deep and insightful. Every note hits the beat and reverberates in the ears. In my opinion, Robin T has moved away from the standard pop dance genre and diluted the familiar rhythm with acoustic elements. Whilst production helps, it is Robin’s songwriting, vocals and soft delivery that conquers all.

The single has all the elements of a pop hit. A catchy motif, a percussive rhythm, a climax with a spoken word vocal and a final explosion of emotion as the music fades away. I love the piano and the lone acoustic voice of Robin. It has a calming effect and leaves a pleasant aftertaste. The track ‘Hold Me Tight’ is a strong song with a lot of potential. High quality sound, unusual approach to pop style make the track a radio hit. ‘Hold Me Tight’ captivates, charges with optimism, gives a feeling of comfort and tempts to dance. Play this song and you’ll feel much better right away.

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