South London-based indie-pop solo artist The AJM Show has just released debut single ‘Take A Walk’ from his upcoming EP. The song sounds absolutely spring-like and charges me with bright energy.

‘Take A Walk’ immediately transports the listener to the unique atmosphere of the sunny city, and this mood is completely reflected in the track. The chorus is super catchy, I’ve been singing it all day, and if music sticks in your head, that’s a win. But the infectious motif and lyrics aren’t the only things in the ‘Take A Walk.’ Complex rhythms and harmonies ring out in the track’s arrangement and my discerning ear melts like butter in the sun. It’s simply magical!

The AJM Show gives the illusion of a simple and familiar sound of pop hits, but when you listen, you’re surprised by the complexity of the music and its rich sound. I like synth samples with echoes, playful bass guitars and light, unobtrusive percussion. The guitars, which seem to be scattered all over the space of the track and sound alternately in the ears, but my absolute favorite is Alex’s high tenor. I recommend ‘Take A Walk’ to everyone without exception. Simple unobtrusiveness, lightness, but at the same time complex and professional music surprises and gives musical bliss.

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