PLAY THE PART by Helen Counts

After a little break Helen Counts is back with a new song ‘Play The Part,’ which has taken a firm place in my heart.

The track begins with a complex rhythm and an atypical harmony of two airy instruments: a slow guitar that sets the rhythm sinks into the gentle piano keys, and then Helen’s voice comforts and soothes like a ray of sunshine. Incredible rhythmic twists precede the new instruments in the arrangement. Multiple guitars, strings, percussion, drums and piano create an entire universe of Helen’s acoustic music. ‘Play the Part’ slowly picks up speed, builds to triumph and fades away. It’s very cool and I like how she experiments with the emotional buildup of the piece.

With each new song Helen convinces me that she is the master of acoustic indie music. Her voice, her tenderness, always makes me tremble. Helen’s soft and aesthetic style creates a unique atmosphere of the track. She easily moves from a soft singing to complex harmonies, fully revealing the love theme of the song. Helen has a kind of mysterious magnetism that creates a hypnotic effect. To anyone who feels the need for light music and inspiration, I insist on adding this song to your playlist. ‘Play the Part’ will fill you with all the finest and most glorious that the acoustic music genre has to offer.

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