SMALL TALK by Carrying Torches

Brand new single ‘Small Talk’ by Carrying Torches is an infectious pop rock song with a hit chorus and incredible enthusiasm.

I like the atmosphere that comes through the chords of this song. The single ‘Small Talk’ is free fall and enveloping clouds. The band incorporated elements of synth music which really surprised me, because such a decision in the indie rock genre requires confidence, courage and pure talent. Carrying Torches use musical taste as their main weapon, combining a heavy guitar solo, rumbling drums with a touch of synthesizers and lyrical vocals, which I personally like a lot. The way they skillfully blend ideas and themes is a testament to true creative thinking, and evokes wide range of emotions.

I love when musicians experiment with different genres and when it works well. The vocals in the song capture college rock elements, and the guitars sometimes veer toward Americana, but then return to the rock wave. Carrying Torches keeps the song simple and focuses on the hooks, giving the song a magical effect. The new single ‘Small Talk’ is recommended to anyone who loves a crisp sound and prefers musicians who go above and beyond the standard. Play this song when you feel like giving the world the middle finger, and you’ll feel a lot better right away.

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