THAT SONG by Chealen

Singer-songwriter Chealen surprises and delights with her piano-acoustic style in the new single ‘That Song.’

The modern sound of the single ‘That Song’ changes the usual idea of music. The only instrument in the track is the piano and the singer’s voice. But the deliberate minimalism is compensated by a great melody, Chealen’s beautiful vocals and profound lyrics – and maybe there is much more to it than meets the eye. Chealen’s music has a special, almost magical atmosphere, and ‘That Song’ grabs all the attention and holds it until the last bar. She adds backing vocals to complement the track, while the shifting piano sound adds to the immersive effect.

It’s like going on a journey with a guide who takes you to the most significant places. Chealen does the same for the new song. She creates a homely and comfortable environment to take the listener to the most remote corners of her soul. Only by fully engaging with Chealen can you discover a new world of modern acoustic piano pop music, where the singer sounds like an innovator. ‘That Song’ is an acoustic art-pop ballad full of incredible magnetic melodies and harmonic changes against Chealen’s angelic, sweet and sincere vocals. Romantic, bold and joyful – Chealen cannot leave anyone indifferent to her music.

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