Le Code, a French ambient producer, works in the urban ambient genre and uses the sounds of the city, the voices of people against the background of a meditative sound flow for his tracks.

Seeing, hearing and interacting with music in new ways is something that really excites me, and the more I hear about the ambient genre, the more excited I get. ‘Urban Serenade‘ by Le Code calms the mind and instantly relaxes. The track has an meditave, unhurried straight ambient sound that plays a central motif. You might think, where’s the rush? After all, we are all used to the fast rhythm of the city and the speed of life, rushing like a whirlwind. Le Code seems to want to show that, despite the hectic pace of city life, there is always a cozy place. A place of peace and tranquility, even among the gray skyscrapers, the stream of cars and the sound of heels on the asphalt.

‘Urban Serenade’ has quirky pulsing rhythmic synths that sound like a melodic, ell-less ocean horizon. The melody relaxes with ethereal and light chords. I recommend listening to the ambient piece ‘Urban Serenade’ not only during spiritual practices, meditations and yoga, but also to free yourself from the stress of the city rhythm.

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