HANDS TOGETHER by Kissing Thieves

Kissing Thieves’ new single ‘Hands Together’ is a personal, candid song about unanswered prayers and the loss of faith. The gentle melody of the song is interwoven with sad lyrics that penetrate to the depths of the soul.

In ‘Hands Together,’ the hopelessness reaches its peak. Loss of faith as loss of the meaning of life, doom and darkness. I would even say that the song does not even sound sad but tragic, it’s like crying to the minimalistic guitar accompaniment. Stefanie’s voice is full of disappointment and the image of an angel descending from heaven involuntarily appears in my mind. Stefanie’s vocal line has a unique velvety tone that makes this artistic signature recognizable and dreamy guitars are perfectly combined with it.

‘Hands Together’ leaves a bittersweet aftertaste. This song can be understood in different ways – but it is this duality that makes the record so interesting and beautiful. I want to listen to it again and listen carefully to every word. This piece seems to gradually open up, becoming deeper and more attractive, and perhaps the loss of hope gives more confidence in itself. I hope Kissing Thieves will continue to explore such difficult and philosophical questions in the future.

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