BREATHE by Adrienne Leska

Adrienne Leska has released one of the most peaceful and magical tracks called ‘Breathe’ from the upcoming EP.

‘Breathe’ is not so much an Americana story song as it is a mood song, listening to it is like a meditation, when you do not have to focus on an object, but completely immerse yourself in it. The new single has a lot of synthetic backgrounds in the arrangement to maintain the atmosphere of peace and weightlessness, and the vocal harmonies have become even more complex and diverse. The arrangement is a complex mix of harmonies and instruments completely wrapped in echo. Adrienne knows how to create a multi-layered track with a variety of harmonies. Once again, I am convinced of how original Leska’s music sounds.

You can not mistake her for anyone, not only thanks to the unique vocals, but also thanks to the story that each of her songs tells. Adrienne has nothing to prove, she is already a professional singer, her main task is to bring to the world through her music a strong idea of world weariness, healing, the need to hear and accept oneself. ‘Breathe’ calls to slow down the tiring rhythm of life, to wake up and breathe in the present moment. Personally, I am already a big fan of Adrienne, and I recommend everyone to follow this incredibly bright and enlightening path of the Leska’s music.

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